Husk Coffee & Creative Space is now closed as a

café business and arts venue.

Husk Coffee & Creative Space was a not-for-profit business in Limehouse, East London, owned and run by a Christian faith-based charity called London City Mission for the benefit of the local community. London City Mission has decided to reallocate our resources to support church groups throughout the whole of Tower Hamlets in their community work. We believe that this will be a better way of helping the local community. Unfortunately, the café will not continue but these changes are not as a result of financial cuts.

If you have been part of the Husk community, you will know that the Husk team hosted a wide range of programmes connected to the café, such as the Arts Continuum Programme, the English Classes, Open Mic Nights and Bengali poetry events to name a few. We hosted some larger community events around Christmas time and Easter. We wanted to provide a strong sense of welcome here, and we trust you have felt that.

Our new aim will be to helping other Christian faith groups make use of this building and ensuring that some community programmes can continue. Watch this space!

If you are interested in staying up to date with what happens next, email and we will send you a future update in a few months and re-register for other programmes.

We trust you and your loved ones are well in this season,

The Husk Team and London City Mission

P A S T   E X H I B I T I O N S :

Banished All Your Snakes
Miranda Carins
26th August - 6th September

Kitty McMurray Exhibition Poster

This is What Happens on Estates
Kitty McMurray
12th August-23rd August

Kitty McMurray Exhibition Poster

Zannah Cooper
29th July - 9th August

Lisa Sara Jenkin
19th February - 14th March
Private View: 18th February 7-9pm

Crumbling Isthmus
Philip Elbourne
15th January- 8th February 2020

Islands in the sky
Loredana Lupu
6th -29th November

Continuum Retrospective Exhibition
9th-26th October
Private View: 8th October 7-9pm

[...] both a beyond and the conditions of mapping that beyond
Ron Haselden / John Timberlake
3rd - 27th September

Shara O'Brien
31st July - 26th August

love that looks like me
Nonki Azariah
3rd - 27th July

airports and wigs
Phillip Reeves
29th May - 22nd June

and they knew they were naked
Ruth Smith
25th April- 23rd May

Moa Johansson
6th - 30th March 2019
Private View: 5th March 7-9pm

Matt Gee
30th Jan- 23rd Feb 2019
Private View: 29 January 7-9pm

A First Draft of the Truth
Sara Jane Redway
21st November - 15th December 2018
Private View: 20th November 7-9pm

Michael Coppelov
26th October - 16th November 2018
Private View: 25th October 7-9pm

In The Belly of the Word-Hoarder
Nikolai Azariah
19th September - 6th October 2018

VASE - Dream Landscapes
Imogen Prado
8th August - 1st September 2018

A Construction of Painting
Ruth Smith, Alastair Gordon, Michael Coppelov
29th June - 25th July 2018

Telling of Tenderness
Amanda Mandala Hohenberg
20th May- 23rd June 2018

They Too
Abigail Burt
20th April- 12th May 2018

Shards & Seams
Kirsty Kerr
19th February - 17th March 2018

Hridoye Bangladesh
Husna Parvin
9th January - 3rd February 2018

Sara Redway
24th October - 27th November 2017

Aga Robak
10th September - 16th October 2017

Curated by Jarryd Lowe
Featuring 4 members of our community
9th August - 9th September 2017

The Body is a Prayer
Francesca Willow
11th July- 4th August 2017

adorn - extend
Lucinda May
8th May - 3rd June 2017

its definitely nighttime look theres even fish
Kieran Ryan
1st April - 28th April 2017

Dressing Up Bars
Llew Watkins
Saturday 11th March (one night only)

Bangla is not my mother tongue
Saif Osmani
31st January - 27th February 2017

Things I like in Bethnal Green (Preview)
Lucinda May
10th - 21st January 2017

Public Isolation
Jarryd Lowe and Bobby den Engelsman
15th November- 23rd December 2016

703 Commercial Road
Monica Meyer
15th October - 5th November 2016

Expansive Skies and Waters
Katie Thornton
9th July- 6th August 2016

The Battle of Cable Street
Launch night: 30th June 2016

Lost Ground
Mary Macken Allen
23rd April - 21st May 2016

One of Those Days One of These Days
Dan MacCarthy
March 2016

Husk Coffee & Creative Space is now closed as a

café business and arts venue.